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ALYYLA Make iOS App Mola Ali is iOS Sticker App of 99 titles of Imam Ali a.s. — a perfect enrichment of your iMessage feature on iPhone and iPad devices

1st on Apple App Store, Mola Ali (Names of Mola Ali [as] iOS Stickers App for iPhone) iMessage Stickers of 99 titles of Imam Mola Ali found in the books of Islam. These names are mainly pronounced by the Last Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. for Imam Mola Ali ibn Abi Talib (a.s.) on several occasions through the course of his life. The sources of these names are mainly Books of Hadith and Islamic history.
The 99 names of Hazrat Ali (a.s.) has great reverence for all the Muslims across the globe for numerous obvious reasons. Imam Ali has the status of the most respectable and authoritative figure after Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the religion of Islam. Mola Ali as was not only the closest confidante and first cousin of the Last prophet of Allah but also raised, taught and mentored by Hazrat Muhammad (saw) himself. All his life Ali Ibn Abi Talib (as) has followed the footsteps of prophet Muhammad pbuh as precisely as humanly possible according to the authentic Islamic history.
The 99 names of Mola Ali (as) serve as a beacon of hope for believers of all times until Qiyama (the judgement day). Mola Ali names after Prophet Muhammad’s names have been the most widely used names to be given to new born Muslim boys around the world for centuries and this trend will continue until the end of the world. Mola Ali Names, Mola Ali sayings, Mola Ali quotes, and Mola Ali references in Quran and Hadees have been used and mentioned by the greatest number of people in all times after the last messenger of Allah Hazrat Muhammad pbuh. Ali name is the second most given name for new born Muslim boys in the world after Muhammad name.
Hazrat Ali Names list in beautiful stickers in messages is very handy for sharing purpose with loved ones in Maula Ali Names app. Mola Ali Haq da Wali and his names are widely included in prayers of Muslims across the globe for leverage in their supplication before Allah Almighty. 

ALYYLA Make iOS App Mola Ali (Hazrat Mola Ali Names Stickers App for iPhone) available download on the Apple App Store.

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